Tourists protection

The beauty of being a tourist in a foreign country such as South Africa is that you can simply relax and absorb the many facets of your surroundings. Unfortunately there is always those that will want to take advantage of your relaxed frame of mind. These criminals can ruin a holiday before it even gets started.
Tourist protection and bodyguards go hand in hand.

Most tourist hot spots around South Africa are very safe and offer minimal risk to our visitors.
However as with anything in life there are certain places and times when appropriate caution is required. It is for that exact reason that our tourist protection and safety services have developed and grown.
Should your require bodyguards for a large group or a single body guard to perform a more low key role our tourist protection units are available to assist.

Our close protection officers have and are regularly undergo various close protection training geared at making sure our bodyguards are completely ready to provide unmatched tourist protection. This training does not just consist of bodyguard restricted activities but also includes areas such as tour guiding and local knowledge courses.

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